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Youtube Bully 2 Case Study Review

Youtube Bully 2 Case Study Review

Are you looking for review on the Youtube Bully 2 Case Study? This wso is created by Mark Dickenson, an advanced Warrior who joined Warrior Forum since Aug 2008.

This Wso was awarded as the’ WSO of the Day July 3rd 2013!’ Why so many people are so keen about this Youtube Bully 2 Case Study?

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A Honest Review on Youtube Bully 2 Case Study

As stated by the wso:

“If You Would Like to Finally Know the Secrets of How to Get Top Google Rankings and Create the Income You Deserve…This Case Study Will Show You Exactly How It’s Done”

The author showed us how he ranked this keyword “Provillus”, which has a monthly search of 22,000, on the first page of

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Let’s take a look at what is inside this case study?

bullet2OrangePart One – The Foundation

Step One – Video Creation

The author showed us how he created the video in the case study by using a particular video creation service. On the other hand, he also gave us another resource to create video if we are on a budget.

Also, if you subscribed to the update, you will receive a bonus course on free video creation.

Step Two – On page Seo

The author showed us some important on page Seo rules to follow. If you are an advanced video marketer, you might already know how to write the title, description and tags.

However,  Mark Dickenson does included some sneaky trick for you on how to write the description fast and effectively without having you to spend too much time on it.

He also showed you a way on how to ‘steal’ huge video traffic from related Youtube channel, this is awesome.

bullet2OrangePart Two – Video Promotion

This is the core part of this WSO, whereby the author showed you step-by-step on how he ranked the Provillus video on the first page of Google.

There are 8 steps that he used to rank a youtube video with a high competitive keyword. However, just by using the first 2 steps will be able to rank any low to mid competition keywords.

He also provide us the exact services that you use to carry out the above-mentioned 8 steps. This really save us lots of time and money by searching and testing around.

Out of the 8 steps, I feel that 4 of them are hardly used by video marketers. They are very powerful and can bring fast results on ranking. If you can make use of these few steps, you would definitely outrank your competitors if they have no idea about it.

.If you would like to make use of Mark Dickenson’s strategies to rank any videos on the first page of  Youtube and Google, you may visit their official page.

Click here to visit Youtube Bully 2 Case Study’s Official Page


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